Authorities today are strengthening their campaign on capturing all scammers out there. The field of tourism and travel is not an exception for this campaign as local police are looking at this field as one of the areas through which scammers carry out their plans to earn easy money from the public. Because of these, authorities urged the public to exercise caution in accepting services from companies that offer services such as travelling guides, travel goods purchase guide (for example, brightest flashlight edc purchase guide) and the like.
They have given some tips to make sure that the companies that offer you these services are legitimate. According to them, one must practice learning the background of the company and if possible, contact other people that can give unbiased information about these companies, such as past customers and read reviews about these companies. They also said that as much as possible, refrain from disclosing personal and private information to these companies especially if you think that they are not necessary for completing your transactions.