“Hello Folks,

What a wonderful experience! Edwina and I did not know what to expect from the Brazil trip, but it turned out to be far better than either of us imagined. Thanks to Franco and Baz for their leadership, planning,commitment and for always staying one step ahead of the group to give us a good time. We would also not have had so much fun had we not been in a group, and we were fortunate to have a great mix of personalities, which made it all the more interesting and enjoyable.

Thanks to all of you for the great memories.”
Norman & Edwina

“We really appreciated the customer service we received from Francis at Travel With Us Inc as wqe planned our trip to Kenya and Tanzania. He offered his best advice and was extremely patient with us as we considered various options. He satisfied our special requests, and ensured that our itinerary flowed smoothly. When we arrived in Africa, we were welcomed by a very knowledgeable and experienced driver. Every step of the way, we constantly were greeted by our next host or driver. We always felt safe and welcomed. We saw more animals and African scenery than we ever imagined. It was a holiday of a lifetime, and one that we will never forget.”

Francis Da Silva
Travel With Us Edmonton

“Thank you to you and Charmaine for helping us plan the 5th Anniversary Las Vegas Staff Trip for DevFacto Technologies Inc.
When we first approached Travel With Us to make the arrangements, we originally had about 40 staff from 2 offices booked on the trip and it already seemed like a huge logistical effort. Over the months leading up to the trip it soon escalated to include a new regional office as well as the addition of spouses, guests and children and the number soon doubled to over 80. We had a large number of changes to our booking, including special requests and modified itineraries and other logistical challenges such as last minute additions.  Charmaine and Francis took everything in stride and were able to accommodate all of our questions and change requests.

Our trip was a huge success and we appreciate everything that Travel With Us did for us. Thank you from all of us for all of you did to make this trip a memorable and stress free experience for everyone!”
Kurt Oswald
Principal Vegas Consultant
DevFacto Technologies

“During the years I have dealt with Travel With Us I have experienced only courteous and professional service.  The willingness and patience to go the extra mile no matter how many times I present additional questions or requests keeps me a satisfied customer.  I would highly recommend this agency.”  
Vi Bredin                                                                                                               

“Booking our holiday through Travel With Us with Charmaine as our booking agent proved to be just what we wanted for seeing Australia and New Zealand.

Every detail was addressed and our expectations and price ranges were met. We felt like we got a wonderful vacation at a fair price and saw sites that we will have memories of forever. Thank you Travel With Us!”

Mary and James T

“Thanks for your postcard and correspondence.  I certainly enjoyed the trip and appreciate all the help you provided with the arrangements.  The tour ran so smoothly and all the details were looked after.  Have no complaints about any part of my vacation and would not hesitate in setting up a holiday with this company again.  However, right at present the work load here will keep me anchored for awhile at least.

My sincere thanks to you and your company.”
Best Wishes,  Frieda
“Charmaine: thank you for the lovely fruit basket we received on the Solstice and the postcard you sent. That was very thoughtful of you. We had a wonderful time on the Solstice and would definitely recommend it to others. We would love to do another cruise with Celebrity. Thanks again for all your assistance in making this trip a reality.”
Cheers, Alex and Andy
“Had an excellent time. The resort was wonderful as well as all the staff.  We will definitely recommend to all our friends.

Thanks for your help,”
Craig and Kim

“Hello Charmaine,
Thanks for your postcard…. we are back safe and sound after a good holiday in Russia/Finland.  I’m sure you have heard from the rest of the group, so I’ll try to be brief.

We had a great time – much history and ‘intrigue’ in Russia.  Food was excellent, excursions were good, guides were informative, people were friendly, and even the weather cooperated.  Had light rain only 1 day in Russia.

If I have any complaint, it is the cabin…. cloisterphobic!  We had to edge our way to the picture window, even then we knocked into an obstruction.  I do realize this is a river boat and not an ocean liner, but all brochures in my possession show much larger staterooms with balconies or verandas.  The reality is far from the pictures.  If you are able to tell the Americans (Viking) not to false-advertise, please do so.

Other than that, all went well.  Enjoyed the Finland extension too.

Helsinki is a modern city and has been nominated the Art Centre of the World for 2012.  We loved their art district. On our last day, we took a ferry to Tallinn, Estonia. The old town of Tallinn is a UNESCO world heritage site – quaint and picturesque.  Would recommend it to anyone going that side.

Thanks Charmaine, for all your work in putting this trip together.
And a special thanks for your patience with the visa stuff, and help us find best forehead thermometer for baby in the travel.”